Truthy & Falsy Values :

Truth & False are the most common rivals in the whole world, ain’t they? And we see more false than truth in real world. In JavaScript , this case is the same. The number of falsy values is larger than truthy values.

In JavaScript, all numbers(either positive or negative) except 0 are truthy, you can check it out like this

let num = 0;

if(num) { console.log(‘la la la’); } else { console.log(‘he he he’); } here the condition asks if the value is true or false, which means the output will be he he he if false, otherwise will…

React JS

What is React?

Whenever you encounter this question, just answer simply that React is a JavaScript library, nothin more, nothing less. Sometimes people confuse it with angular or ember. But they are frameworks , not library.

React is a JavaScript library, not a framework. Also it’s not a solution. Sometimes, React needs some other libraries to formulate a solution

Why is React called React?

It’s a very common question for the starters, don’t you think so? When I started using react , I asked myself this question 😄 Anyway, I’ll try to answer this question with some fun, (that’s what I always do, right? …

JS along with ES6

Primitive Values :

What are primitive values? The answer is pretty simple. Everything in JavaScript except numbers & strings are primitive values. Okay? So, you might think why are they called primitive? The reason is pretty difficult to explain but pretty simple to understand! Sounds confusing? Exactly like that. 😛

Okay let me try to explain a bit. Think of primitive values as variables but these variables’ values are changeable but not restorable or assignable. I mean if you write a string i love banana its value can be changed but can not be restored. If changed once that value is not restorable…

JS along with EcmaScript6

Numbers :

JavaScript Numbers are so fun to learn. 😃 Believe me, I am not kidding. If you fear JavaScript, it means , either you didn’t find a good source to learn or you just don’t wanna learn. 😝

However, JavaScript Numbers have done our mathematical calculation in coding very easy. For example, if you want to add 6 & 7 and see the result , you just type console.log(6 + 7) and here you go with the result 13 .

By the way, if you are wondering what is console.log, it’s a process to print out the result on the console…

Rahat Chowdhury

Junior Front-End Developer trying to learn & broaden the knowledge

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